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Almost daily there are stories in the news about the latest problem with our drinking water supplies.

Lead in town water and our schools, toxic plumes traveling underground and into our aquifers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine - to name just a few issues.

Is Bottled Water Really Safer Than Tap?


Legally, municipal water has to meet government standards, and municipalities, government agencies, and officials do a phenomenal job given the resources at their disposal and the increasing environmental challenges.  However, this does not mean that your drinking water is free of contaminants or additives.  Legal guidelines for municipal drinking water districts were established in many instances more than 40 years ago, while the world of chemical developments designed to make our lives better and easier has far surpassed what the EPA currently has mandated as hazardous to our environments and our health.  On Long Island and the New York Metro area, virtually every water district in every town adds Chlorine to disinfect its water supply.  While this is a necessary process to help kill harmful bacteria, your family does not need to drink, bathe in or otherwise use chlorinated water in your home.

The Water Quality Problem


For those on well water, it is critical to ensure that the well water is safe to drink as it is often not treated under legally mandated guidelines.  Wells can breed bacteria which lead to the presence of sulfur and/or iron in the water, causing unpleasant taste and odor.  Wells often have lead pipes or components that can cause the lead to seep in to the drinking water.



Clogged pipes, higher utility bills, shortened life for appliances, white residue on fixtures, dry skin, and dry hair are just some of the effects hard water has on you and your home.


The bottled water industry is less regulated and often no safer than tap water.  In fact, most bottled water comes from municipal sources.  Labels can be misleading and often deceptive as to the source of the water.


The cost per gallon of bottled water if often considerably higher than a gallon of gas - then there is the impact of creating, delivering, and disposing of plastic bottles on the environment.  There are also health concerns regarding cancer-causing chemicals from the plastic leeching into the water in the bottle.

The Water Quality Solution

The team at Quality Water Group has been serving Long Island and the New York metropolitan area for more than 30 years.

As recognized experts and exclusive carriers of the major water industry manufacturers, we are a brand you can trust.

Today, the best way to ensure that your family is getting the cleanest water possible is to use water filtration and purification equipment in your home.  There are many factors that go into deciding what is best for your home, family, or business.  Is your priority prolonging the life of your water-using appliances such as your hot water heater, lowering your utility bills, ensuring your drinking water is the healthiest and purest available - all of these or just one of these?  From Drinking Water Systems and Bottle-less Coolers to Water Softening Equipment and Taste / Odor Filters to Whole-House and Factory Water Filtration Systems, Quality Water Group provides the safest water possible by custom building water filtration systems for both residential and business customers.


As the most experienced and technologically advanced water filtration solutions provider on Long Island and the New York metropolitan area, we custom design each water filtration system to ensure that our customers have the purest water available for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, laundry, and all commercial purposes.  We are the exclusive provider for the major manufacturers of water filtration and purification products, including 3M, Canature, Hydrotech,  John Guest, Elkay, Healthway, and others.


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